We constantly strive and push for new solutions

Al Saif Aviation was established in 2009 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company has been very active with the Saudi Armed forces and has participated in numerous projects and has become a key and strategic service provider. In November of 2015 Al Saif Aviation took a new direction by partnering with Piaggo Aerospace in both military and civilian aircraft product lines for the entire Middle East region.

Our philosophy is that we try to be the first investor in the products that we offer because we dont expect clients to invest in something we haven't already invested in and as a result we have taken delivery of the first Avanti EVO aircraft in the region which is due to arrive in August 2016 and a second with air ambulance (Medevac) configuration due to arrive in 2017. We believe that selling an aircraft is just a small piece of the puzzle and that we need to provide our clients with a full package solution which has led Al Saif Aviation to start the process to receive a license to operate commercial aircraft (up to 19 passengers) from Saudi General Aviation Authority (GAGA).

Our short term goals include the acquisition of dealerships from other major aircrafts manufactures, setting up our own facilities including hangers and logistics as well as qualifying as an airframe maintenance provider. Our mission is to offer a range of aircrafts and a scheme of maintenance that will optimize our clients cost benefits.