Aircrafts: Piaggio Avanti Evo   |   Manufacturer: Piaggio Aerospace   |   Year old Manufacturer: 2016

The Piaggio Avanti EVO P180, is a uniquely shaped turboprop Aircraft designed buy Piaggio Aerospace in Italy. The aircrafts stand up cabin is unlike anything else when comparing it to jets similar in size such as the Learjet 75 and Citation X. With it's roomy and stylish cabin that can accommodate and comfortably seat seven passengers. The Avanti Evo is one of the quietest Aircrafts because of the unique placement of its rear facing push engines and an acoustic blanket that encompasses the cabin which result in extremely quite travel experience. This aircraft is the perfect fit for travels within the region with its midsize jet cabin space, nearer jet performance with the cost effectiveness of turboprops.



Seats: 6 - 7 Passengers   |   Cabin: L14.07 ft. X W6.01 ft. X H5.08 ft
Cabin Volume: 503 cu.ft. - 12.88m3   |   Baggage Capacity: 44 cu. ft. - 1. m3

Passengers can stand up straight and move about freely in the Avanti Evos spacious, pressurized cabin. The comfortable leather seats are arranged in Atmosfera layout which is four-place club layout with a forward side divan and a fifth individual seat.
The Aircraft is equipped with a spacious private lavatory. For entertainments onboard passengers will be equipped with tablets filled with all the latest films, television shows, music and magazines. The baggage capacity of the Aircraft can easily accommodate the luggage of all the passengers with room to spare. The design allowing for such a luxuriously sized cabin comes from the innovative use of three flying surfaces - the canard foreplane, rear-located main wing, and a T-tail. The canard acts as a horizontal stabilizer and forward wing, pushing the nose up rather than the typical aerodynamic strategy which forces the tail down. Having the main wing spar located farther back allows for greater cabin space, and the T-tail increases stability. The overall design offers notably less vibration in the cabin.



Aircraft Range: 2704 km (at 39000ft ISA conditions)
Aircraft Cruise Speed: 402 MPH - 745 km/h

The Avanti Evo runs on two Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-66B turboprop engines. The rear orientation of the propellers eliminates the impact of propeller voices from the wings. This new engine increased cruise speed at high altitudes as well as better fuel economy. The aircraft is equipped with the latest three screen Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 suite.