The Piaggio Aerospace MPA
(Multirole Patrol Aircraft)

Designed for all types of surveillance mission, MPA is equally suited to coastal and maritime patrol, ground surveillance and intelligence missions. Powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, the Multirole Patrol Aircraft is a twin-engine turbo propeller aircraft with the largest cabin of its category, which can readily be equipped with systems and consoles for any type of surveillance mission.

Unmatched cabin quietness and optimised pressurisation levels offer its crew a comfortable working environment and minimise fatigue. Aerodynamically ahead of the curve, its patented three lifting surfaces configuration (3LSC) subjected to countless hours of wind tunnel testing have resulted in unprecedented efficiency; MPA consumes 30% less fuel than the nearest competitor in its class.

Developed in collaboration with Saab Defence and Security Systems, the first Piaggio Aerospace MPA production model dedicated to maritime patrol is fully equipped with search radar and electro optical and infrared sensors integrated into a sophisticated mission system, making it the most advanced surveillance aircraft on the market.

The Piaggio Aerospace MPA is a manned Multirole Patrol Aircraft, designed as an evolution and development of the P.180 Avanti II for Special Mission applications. The aircraft is intended for aerial surveillance missions as well as ground, coastal and marine patrols.

Piaggio Aerospace has been developing its MPA Multirole Patrol Aircraft in partnership with ADASI - Abu Dhabi Autonomous System Investments, part of the Tawazun group. Currently forming joint ventures with a variety of leading international companies, ADASI manages technological and industrial development programs for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

Unlike its civilian aircraft forerunner, MPA has a new aerodynamic configuration, greater wing extension and a higher payload capacity. The combination of specific structural interventions to the established P.180 turboprop propellers and its unique three lifting surfaces configuration developed by Piaggio Aerospace, allow the MPA aircraft 10 hours of autonomous flight, an operating range of over 6,100 km, maximum flight altitude of 12,500 meters and a cruise speed of 650 km / hour.

Designed for all types of surveillance mission

MPA is equally suited to coastal and maritime patrol, ground surveillance and intelligence missions.
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