Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH Hammerhead UAS

Piaggio Aerospace P.1HH HammerHead is an unmanned aircraft system consisting of a remotely piloted aerial vehicle (UAV), a ground control station (GCS) and integrated navigation and mission systems. Positioned at the very top end of remotely piloted MALE aircraft, it is ATOL capable (Automatic Take Off and Landing), able to reach altitudes of 13,700 meters maintaining 16 hours of flight endurance. With datalink connections to the UAV delivered through a line of sight communication system (LoS) and via satellite beyond line of sight (BLOS), the P.1HH Hammerhead ground control station enables the aircraft’s navigation and mission systems to be remotely controlled at all times in all places.

Achieving an innovative combination of autonomy, speed and maximum altitude, P.1HH boasts a level of control and operational adaptability that guarantee its place at the very apex of the remotely piloted MALE aircraft category.

Remote control systems, management of mission data and the P.1HH Hammerhead ground segment system are based on the innovative SkyISTAR from Selex ES, leading-edge producer of ISR equipment, assuring smart response to threats ranging from terrorist attacks and illegal immigration to the protection of exclusive economic zones (EEZ), infrastructure and critical sites. Together, Piaggio Aerospace and Selex ES embody a tradition of excellence in the development, production and industrialisation of surveillance systems.

Derived from the P.180 Avanti platform and redesigned with a new aerodynamic configuration, greater wing extension (15.5 m) and a higher payload capacity, P.1HH combines specific structural interventions to the established P.180 turboprop propellers and its unique three lifting surfaces configuration (3LSC). The outer wing section of the P.1HH UAV is detachable to allow transportability on the ground, making it possible to use the aircraft in any operating scenario.

Designed to integrate the most sophisticated navigation and mission management systems currently available, P.1HH HammerHead redefines not just the standard but the very concept of aerial patrol, offering the international market the most innovative and versatile UAS in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance field (ISR).

Redesigned with a new aerodynamic configuration

Greater wing extension (15.5 m) and a higher payload capacity.
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